When will my print arrive ?

Normally about 7 - 10 working days depending on where you are. BUT as the prints are personally signed and numbered by me and if I am shooting on location for work this will stretch out up to a further week or rarely two. we will let you know if there is a delay for some reason.

What do I do if my print arrives damaged?

Show it to the fedex representative who delivers it, and take a picture of it, then send it to us so we can send a replacement asap and claim for insurance.

What's an artists frame for the canvas ?

This is the wooden frame that the canvas is stretched onto, like a canvas that a painter would paint onto. It is very light and easy to hang. Ask for laminated wood for the larger canvases as this less likely to warp with the change of heat and humidity. A picture frame can then be put around this.

Do I need to put glass onto the front of a canvas print ?

No, it has such a nice matt texture it would spoil it.

Are there any cheaper prints ?

Yes there will be a range of unlimited art prints by Dook and Leana coming soon, but the 'Skin and Bone' range will remain a collectors limited edition only. Fill out the contact form so we can let you know of new images and specials.

Will the print fade or lose colour?

Inks are guaranteed not to fade for 75 years under normal lighting conditions.

Do your canvas prints have a protective coating?

Yes, our canvas prints are sprayed with a special protective coating that will protect them from dusting and cleaning.

Canvas Printing: What type of canvas do you use?

The high quality canvasses are imported from Germany, matt, and are archival.

Why only expensive courier service?

Hey I live in Africa, its the only system that guarantees me that you will actually get your very valuable print, trackable and on time. The African post office is a bit like the lottery, it involves a lot of luck and I've never met a winner!!!