About Dook Skin & Bone

Skin & Bone coffee table book

'Skin & Bone' was a personal project that at the time I said was cheaper than paying a psychiatrist.

It put me back on track for my love of photography which had been seriously damaged by commercial work. It was a necessity that took four years and over forty models to complete, the end result being a hard covered coffee table book.

I printed the book myself as publishers were out to make money while I wanted to just make something I could be proud of. I didn't cut corners. The hard cover is a third of the cost of the book, real Egyptian linnen, and an embossed area for the cover print so its less likely to scratch or peel.

The images featured on this site are selected from the 'Skin & Bone' book, made available to you as Limited Edition Fine Art Prints.

I haven't shot another book since as it would be like a sequal that doesn't have the passion of the first. It would have to be a totaly different subject and I have lots of ideas but time and money (which are always linked) tend to keep it as an idea rather than a reality. So what I am hoping to do in having this website is to be able to actually make money out of my art work so that I can then have time to work on new projects.

Most of the 'Skin & Bone' images were shot on a hasselblad 6x4.5cm back with agfa 100asa B&W film pushed for contrast so the quality is excellent, perfect for large prints as there is no loss of quality.

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