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Coffee Table Book

Skin and Bone coffee table book

Book review by ELLE South Africa

Skin and Bone by Dook is characterized by joie de vivre and an exuberant appreciation of the beauty of the human body.

Set in the stark splendor of the Magadigadi Pans, Botswana and Namibia, the Photographer uses light and shade and the textures of the pans and desert to expertly produce a Body of work that is breathtaking and unforgettably etched in die mind's eye. It is a supremely sensual collection, exuding the heat of the desert and the primal energy of beautiful men and woman on a shoot that clearly brought out the best of the subjects, integrated with the natural environment.

Dook is fascinated by the juxtaposition of the naked human form with the horns, bones and skulls of animals. And he would have chosen no better backdrop than the austere grandeur of the world's oldest living spaces.
(No animals were harmed in the course of this shoot, Dook notes wryly in his footnote).

Skin and Bone is a masterpiece - a masterfully conceptualized and executed book and one that will not lie dormant on the coffee table. It will be constantly admired for its beauty of line and form, for its rich texture and context and for the irrepressible humour and zest for life the Photographer brings to his work, It is a future classic and a covetable contemporary collectable.

Shona Bagley, launch editor, ELLE South Africa.

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